A quick history lesson: Americans were fighting the Revolutionary War against the British, due in large part to the colonies being subjected to taxation without representation by the crown. The 2nd Continental Congress, having achieved the support of all 13 colonies for the final draft of the Declaration of Independence, adopted this important historical document in full on July 4, 1776. While the war would continue until 1783, Americans resolved that their independence was required to be a prominent component of their plan to be safe.

Patriotic Celebration

It stands to reason that the next 4th of July celebration would have to have been kept pretty low key. Of course, cannons and rifles would probably have created the fireworks the people could have watched on July 4, 1777, across the many American towns and cities that had been transformed into battlefields by the American Revolution or, as it was also known, the Revolutionary War.

After America won the war, the celebrations grew much larger and widespread, quickly becoming America’s most patriotic celebration. Military parades honoring veterans of all services and wars are now held all across the nation, and oftentimes are accompanied by carnivals and concerts, among other festivities.

Celebrating the Rocket’s Red Glare Safely

Obviously the 4th of July includes fireworks. Many people buy fireworks for their own personal celebrations, and they can range from sparklers to big fire crackers that are near dynamite in strength and rockets that can shoot hundreds of feet into the air. Every year on the 5th of July we read stories or watch the news where someone ended up maimed or even killed by an accident involving fireworks, both legal and illegal.

If you or your family decides to use fireworks as part of your celebration, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always ensure even the most tame fireworks are used under a responsible adult’s supervision.

America Grills on the 4th

Hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks or ribs – whatever your food preference for the 4th, be sure it doesn’t turn into a case of food poisoning. Keep anything you’re going to cook cold until it’s time to throw it on the grill, and then be sure it’s cooked and stays hot until eaten. After the cooking is done, be sure the fire is out and the coals safely cool down before they are left unattended. If you also enjoy cold food, like potato salad, be sure it stays cold until you eat it. Mayonnaise tastes great, but it will spoil in a heartbeat once it gets too warm for too long. Avoid a trip to the ER (or multiple trips elsewhere) and be sure to enjoy your holiday food while also making sure it remains safe to eat.

America Also Drinks on the 4th

The police are always out in full force over the 4th. A couple of beers at the park while you and your friends are watching the fireworks and tossing the Frisbee can quickly turn into a DUI if you over indulge. Besides a ticket and the other aspects of getting popped for driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, you can end up in an accident. There’s never a good reason to drink and drive, or drive while high.

Remember the reason we have a 4th of July and enjoy all the great things made possible by those who created and have preserved our Independence all these years as you celebrate. Also remember to include the appropriate amount of caution and situational awareness into your holiday plans, your plan to be safe!