Have you recently made the decision to concealed carry a firearm? Unsure you want to take that step to conceal and carry? Have no fear. Once you make that personal decision, just make sure you have a plan in place to be safe while doing so.

Be Prepared to Use a Firearm

First thing’s first: ensure you’re prepared to use it if you carry it with you. In order to use a firearm, you must be prepared to use it should you determine that it is necessary to do so.

Training is a good first step, as it helps prevent a mental failure-to-fire experience should you find yourself in an extremely critical situation. Shoot a few rounds at a firing range, ask the staff for tips and do your own research. Make sure you’re prepared in the event you need to pull out the firearm or pull the trigger.

Be Both Smart and Safe

What kind of firearm is best for concealed carry?  The simple answer is to find one that fits your needs.  Some decide a firearm they initially wanted is too big, too heavy, or too uncomfortable. Others find they can’t retrieve a smaller firearm in an easily accessible way. Make sure the combination of firearm and holster is comfortable, secure, and easily accessible to keep both yourself and others safe.

Here’s another aspect to think about. While you may lawfully be able to carry a firearm, not everyone is comfortable around them. Always have the safety switched on, make sure the firearm and holster is not visible to anyone, and make sure your clothing properly hides your setup.

Concealed Carry License 

A license is required to carry a firearm. Every state has different laws, so do a search into the procedures and laws in the state you live in order to concealed carry legally. Some states don’t allow non-residents to obtain permits, so take stock of your situation and what you will need.

After you obtain your license, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since every state has different laws, chances are your license only works in your home state. If you live, work or visit another state, be sure to obtain the necessary licenses. Be sure you know what each license allows and doesn’t allow you to do.

At the end of the day, concealed carry means you’re forced to be in the business of being safe. Make sure to follow laws, follow safety guidelines and you’re trained with your firearm. If you’re safe, it contributes to everyone else feeling safe and actually being secure. And remember to respect the guidelines of the places you visit or frequent. Many schools, government buildings and other public spaces may have their own rules about concealed carry, so know when you’re allowed to have your firearm.

Stay safe!